Make eating out the exception to the rule; eating at home is almost always the better choice.

Say you are driving around town and you are STARVING. Unfortunately you forgot to put snacks in your car and you didn’t plan for dinner.  What is a person to do that’s on this journey of HEALTH?

DOs – Choose whole wheat if an option, grilled or baked over fried,  and chicken and fish over high fat meat.  Beans are a great alternative to meat (more fiber and less sodium). Salads are always a great option but the dressing which can be high in fat and calories should be used sparingly.

LIMIT – Fried foods, fast food desserts ( they are often filled with trans fats), Don’t eat  in your car (it’s dangerous and messy)! Well OK, I do eat in my car sometimes, but usually I just eat my finger snacks such as nuts, trail mix, apples and cuties.

Let’s makes some healthy choices…

Comparison of Fast Food Calories and Fat Grams vs. Making at Home

  • McDonald’s Quarter Pounder & Fries

Calories – 780 (burger) + 340 (medium fries) = 1120 Calories

Fat Grams – 61 (Yikes! This is almost the total amount of recommended fat on a 2,ooo calorie/day diet)

  • McDonald’s Double Cheeseburger & Side Salad

Calories – 430 (sandwich) + 60 (salad w/ low-fat balsamic dressing) = 490 Calories

Fat Grams – 23

  • Starbucks Venti Green Tea Frappucin0 & Thai Bistro Box

Calories – 550 (frappucino) + 450 (Thai Peanut Chicken Wraps) = 1000 calories

Fat Grams – 38

  • Starbucks  Latte & Breakfast Wrap

Calories – 190 (latte) + 290 (Spinach Feta Egg White Wrap) = 480 calories

Fat Grams – 17

  • Homemade Burger and Baked Fries 

Calories – 360 (4 ounce patty + bun) + 130 (1 oz. baked fries) = 490 calories.

So simply choosing the healthier options can result in a savings of at least 600 calories.


Finally, there’s more to healthy eating than just calories.  See my excerpt on saturated fat and the danger from too much in my future post of Dangerous Fats.




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