Twelve weeks into the New Year……So many people have great intentions to start the new year off with a new exercise program and vow to eat healthier, but by Easter over half have gone back to their regular ways of eating and have abandoned their new exercise program. There are plenty of reasons why: boredom, too much too soon, injuries (not being properly trained), or maybe just plain excuses. But we are human, and the motivation factor waivers like a pendulum swinging back and forth….What are we humans to do? Think Simply – The ABCs

Accountability- Find someone that will lift you up, support you when you need encouragement,  help you say “NO” when you don’t really want it, and help you on this journey of health.  

Behavior Change- To adapt a healthy lifestyle change it just doesn’t happen over night, but when you have accountability and you have the desire and the right tools, you can change.

Consistency – Being in good physical health takes time, effort and consistency, just like brushing your teeth, it’s something you do everyday, you don’t think about, you just do it.

Look for more ways to help change some of those bad behaviors into good ones!



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