I don’t believe in diets – they have been proven not to work for the long haul, and most people gain the weight back.   I also don’t believe in taking anything out of your diet, unless of course you have a medical condition in which a medical professional has prescribed otherwise.  What I do believe in is eating almost anything in moderation. I  do believe in real food, meaning fewer ingredients and more “pure” and “natural” ingredients, words that we can actually pronounce.  Limiting pre-packaged, frozen foods means you will save yourself from consuming too much sodium, sugar and unwanted chemical preservatives.  Nutrition is key.

My Motto:  Moderation. Real. Fuel.

I do believe in fueling your body with nutritious balanced macro nutrients. What are the 3 main macronutrients?    

  • Carbohydrates 45–60%
  • Protein 20–35%
  • Fat 20–35%  

I do believe and know scientifically that all of these nutrients are necessary for proper health and vitality.  The percentages  of how much one eats of each nutrients depends on the persons own needs and requirements. If you’re interested in nutrition/health coaching you can view my services on my website.  Look for nutritious recipes and tips in my future posts.





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