Reflecting inward is a part of emotional wellness. It involves being attentive to your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, either positive or negative.   It’s the ability to become aware of those emotions  and accept them.  Some of us, however, deny those feelings.   It might be too painful to even think about going there.  But eventually those ugly, painful thoughts and emotions will rear their ugly heads in some form or another.  They might manifest at your workplace or in your marriage or your parenting.  That is what happened to me, I was in denial, for over 3 decades.  Yep, I did not want to reflect on those ugly, painful memories.  I didn’t want to go there, I knew it would be painful and I did not like pain, especially the emotional kind.  You might be able to relate?

I think that is why so many Americans do yoga, approximately 20 million Americans. (Sports Marketing Survey, 2012).  It’s a place to reflect on your own personal wellness journey.  I personally did not practice yoga until recently but I totally get it when the instructor says to go to that center of your being, find those positive thoughts and stay there, reflect on what you can do, not what you can’t.   Maybe yoga isn’t your thing, maybe just walking in nature or finding that quiet meditation spot where you can take time to reflect.  Wherever you are reflect on the good, be optimistic about changing those negative thought into positive ones.  I encourage you as we take this wellness journey together, together we can find that calm, peaceful inner soul we desire. Until next time, stay positive and optimistic.

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