It’s 5:00 p.m. and you just got off work, you’re starving, you grab a candy bar just to get you by while you peruse the aisles. You’re trying to figure what healthier choices you can make while you’re mindlessly munching on that candy bar, by the time you get to the checkout counter you’re starving again! Why? That sugary candy bar has little or no nutrients, empty calories that digested rather quickly and caused your tummy to growl even before you had a chance to pay for the darn thing. Has this ever happened to you? I know it has for me, those chocolate M&M’s® look so good, yet I know that I will be hungry soon and those darn little colorful chocolate treats do no good for my body.

This is why I’ve made this simple swap list for you.  Hope this helps you make healthier choices next time you’re at the grocery store.  Feel empowered, feel strong, and feel healthy.

Carbohydrate Simple Swaps will not only give you steady blood sugar levels, they will give your body added fiber and nutrients, and maybe help you consume less calories.

Below are some simple swap suggestions to give you a healthier choice:

Swap Suggestions:

  • Chips → Cut-up Vegies and hummus (2 tbsp. is a serving size).
  • Chocolate bars → Trail Mix packs (Trader Joe’s® sells them pre-packaged).
  • Candy → Fresh Fruit (mix it up a bit, try a new variety of apple, add a tbsp. of almond butter.
  • Cookies → Bars (KIND® Bars, and LARA® are my picks)
  • White Bread → Whole Grain bread (Dave’s Bread®, 12 grain, is my pick)
  • Sugary Cereals → Whole Grain cereals (look for whole grain symbol)
  • White Pasta → Whole Grain or Rice pasta

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To your health journey,

Below is a link that will further clarify the importance of choosing healthier carbohydrates. Remember, they are not the enemy.

Mayo Clinic: How Carbs Fit Into a Healthy Diet

Look for more Simple Swaps posts in the future. How does healthier fat & protein swaps sound?

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