When I googled the topics of fit body, fit soul, I found that there are over 50 million results related to this topic!

That means out of the apprx. 320 million Americans, about 15% of us are searching for a fit something! The fit body, well that seems to be an apparent obsession with our current culture today, but I’m sure a lot of those people are not doing so well in the emotion department.

That is where our fit soul comes into play, how many of us are fit on the outside but struggle with the emotional stuff on the inside?

Negative Self Talk. Sabotaging. Emotional Eating. Guilt. Shame.

Does that sound like something you’ve experienced? My answer is yes.

For over half my life I was fit with a messed  up soul, I constantly sabotaged myself, I ate out of emotions that haunted me, and then of course after eating for the wrong reasons, I experienced guilt and shame.

I want to share with you five steps and strategies that helped me to have a healthier/fit soul.

  • Step 1- Surround yourself with positive people that encourage you and lift you up, toxic relationships do help your soul, they only bring you down. Be strong and say good-bye to toxic people.
  • Step 2- Tell yourself everyday that you are a wonderful human being and deserve to be loved.
  • Step 3- Write down 5 positive attributes about yourself in your phone or on a paper and pin it to your frig. Every time a negative thought comes into your mind get out that phone and read those words of truth. DON’T Believe the lies.
  • Step 4- Practice self-care, perhaps a soothing bath, yoga, a walk in nature, something for yourself that helps you take care of YOU.
  • Step 5- Finally, positive self-talk. Have someone hold you accountable that is around you often, and if they hear say anything negative, have them remind you to pull out that list of positive affirmations and recite those truths to yourself. YOU CAN DO IT.

“Believe You Can & Your Halfway There”

 T. Roosevelt.

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