KimHi, I’m Kim

I’m a certified health coach and certified fitness trainer with over 25 years of experience and hold a degree in nutrition.  My loves in life are my family and sharing my knowledge on how to get and stay healthy through sound nutrition, fitness and wellness. That is why this Blog was created.

My Story

I got hooked on fitness not to become an athlete, to get stronger or to lose weight. I got into fitness because I was searching for self-worth.   I needed to find something I was good at, something that made me feel good about myself.  In the 80s, I taught those crazy high impact aerobic classes,  learned how to strength train with weights, and machines and I found that I was interested in and good at everything fitness related.

However, by the time I was in my mid-twenties I was obsessed with working out, and to add to my obsessiveness, I had an emotional eating disorder. This self-destructive pattern lasted for more than two decades.

Fast-Forward to the present.  Through hard work, determination and the desire to find healing, I have overcome my eating disorder and I have learned to balance my love for fitness with my love for life.   I’ve put in long hours to study effective strength training, nutrition and health coaching and now my passion is to share it all with you.

My Website

My website is for those who want to be healthy inside and out and want to take this journey…      ONE CHOICE AT A TIME.

Healthy Regards,

Kim, Your Healthy Lifestyle Coach